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Privacy Policy by TRUSTe

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Create a username and password to access your Pincity account online. View your online billing statement, recharge your PIN, update your account profile, and take advantage of special offers and savings. It's quick and easy!
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To make your Pincity PIN number easy to remember, your PIN number will be the last 7 digits of your phone number followed by the 4-digit code you select.

Suggestion: To protect your information and prevent un-authorized credit card charge, all sign-up purchases will go through our verification process - typically takes about one business day. To gain immediate access to your account through automatic verification, please use your cell/mobile phone number to register below.
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Create a 4-digit code that you can easily remember, such as your birth year.
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Please select the dollar amount to start your Pincity account. Your Username, Password, and PIN (Master Account Number) will be sent to you after you complete the sign up process.

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The card verification code can be found on the back of your Visa, Master or Discover; or on the front of your American Express.
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To successfully create an account, your billing address and the credit card (or PayPal) address must match.
We only accept verified PayPal accounts.
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Our Commitment To Your Privacy
Privacy Policy by TRUSTe We value your privacy and share the same hatred for spam emails. Pincity does not sell customer information, nor do we send out junk email on behalf of other business' to our customer. We are a TRUSTe certified service provider, and we are dedicated to protect your information and privacy. Any information you provided to us will be protected and governed by the TRUSTe certified Pincity Privacy Policy.

Service Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions.
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Enable Auto-Recharge and register for Pincity Insider will maximize your Pincity experience.
Please review our Privacy Policy, and Terms and Condition.
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