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QTalk QDial International Access Numbers

QTalk - Pin-less Calling Feature

Tired of memorizing PIN numbers for your prepaid cell phone card? QTalk eliminates the need to enter a PIN when using our virtual prepaid calling card. Take advantage of pin-less landline or cell phone calling card access without compromising security.

Compatible with a Mobile Phone Card

It's easy. Simply register the phone numbers you frequently call from, such as your mobile and home phone numbers, and you will not have to enter your PIN again when you call into our access numbers.

5 Reasons to Say "Yes!"

  • Easy to use calling card
  • Pin-less, convenient memory saver
  • No additional charge for using this feature
  • No limit to registered cell phone calling card numbers
  • Using a mobile phone card without having to enter a PIN number makes calling while driving safer and easier

Our phone card and pin-less plans are full-featured and backed by our top-notch customer service. Register your phone numbers to your account today and make calls with ease!

*Caller-ID blocking must be removed before registering for this service.
**Most mobile phones (Cingular, Sprint PCS, Voice Steam, etc.) require a local access number to use QTalk. Click here to search Local access numbers for your area. ***When dialing from mobile phones, DO NOT press the 'SEND' button after entering the destination number. Pressing 'SEND' will cause the mobile phone to place a second call to that number directly. And the call would be charged by your mobile company.
****Pincity is not responsible for any user errors made on the account.
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